Process Management

You need to optimize the processes in your enterprise ?
You are planning a better customer orientation?

Process management has the right support for you!

Optimized processes support you to satisfy customer’s expectation and are therefore a prerequisite for your enterprise to stay ahead of competition. To succeed you need people who are able to manage your processes and the associated changes.



Optimizing processes means:

  • Analyze and optimize
  • Organize and implement
  • Management of Change
  • Manage risks and opportunities

Based on long time proven methods:

  • Developing a process landscape for your enterprise
  • Process definition using the 4-step method:
    • Identification and distinction
    • “As-Is” state analyses
    • Definition of the “To-Be” and target processes
    • Implementation of the improvements
  • Operating, controlling and optimizing of the processes
  • Monitoring and reporting

Process Management at its best!

Business Process Verification – Process-Simulation

You want to know how your processes are performing?
You are looking for a method to quantify the efficiency of organizational changes ?

The solution is – Business Process Simulation

  • Simulate Business Capacity for your enterprise wide processes for products and services
  • Simulation is based real processes and parameter (Forecast, HR Capacity, SLAs, KPIs)
  • Activity Based Costing based on your Busines Framework (Business Workflow, Organizational Matrix, Performance Matrix)

Results are visible in a Dashboard

  • Organization Capacity – what resources are needed to cover a specific business volume
  • Cost Distribution – which cost are associated with business cases
  • Operational – Performance – what is the amount of time needed for business cases and process steps

cbsi1The solution of the partner Collaborative Simulations is the perfect approach! Existing processes can be taken into the simulation quickly. Parameter (e.g. time needed in process steps, cost, delays, etc) can be adjusted easily. You see the impact of modifications instantly.

For more information on “Business Process Validation” please have a look onto the presentation:

Please send an inquiry how this can be accomplished at your enterprise:



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