New Competence: Kanban System Design

kanban-einfuhrungKanban in der IT ist eine weitere Methode die Agilität von Unternehmen und ihren Teams zu verbessern. Die Methode ermöglicht – aufbauend auf 4 Prinzipien und 6 Praktiken – eine signifikante Verbesserung der Arbeitsweise. Kanban sucht nicht radikale Veränderungen – Sie starten dort, wo Sie derzeit sind. Man sucht jedoch eine kontinuierliche Verbesserung.

Wenn Sie mehr wissen wollen wie man

  • Arbeitsfluss und die davon betroffenen Teams fördert
  • mit wichtigen zeitkritischen Arbeiten umgeht
  • von “Multi-Tasking” in einen kontinuierlichen Arbeitsfluss kommt
  • mit unterschiedlichen Prioritäten richtig umgeht

Agile Trainings

New addition to the services portfolio: Agile Trainings! Do it the right way – Agile Transformation. Get fit for the agile methods – they provide better quality, more customer focus, less development time and cost. Our trainings offerings provide an optimal way to get you ready for Scrum in your organization. Here are the details.


Did you ever want to know how your processes are performing?
You are looking for a way to quantify the efficiency of organizational changes?

The answer is:

  • Capacity analyses by process simulation
  • Activity-Based-Costing Analyses
  • Benchmarking using different models


The simulation of your processes provides a reality check for your process management dashboard.

The solution provided together with the partner Collaborative Simulations is the best approach for this! Existing processes can be taken into the simulation solution very quickly. Process parameter (e.g. lapse times of specific process steps, cost, etc) can be adjusted easily. The results of modifications are visible immediately.

Please get in contact with us – we provide you with more information!

References are available in different industries!

Scrum: New Scrum Guide 2013

The “Inventor” of the Scrum Frameworks (Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber) have updated the official Scrum Guide in July 2013. There are a couple of clarifications and changes to the terminology. The established, successful method of Scrum is unchanged.

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