Business Analyse

You are planning a new solution or an RFP ?
You are looking for a way to specify the requirements precisely ?
How do you transform these requirements in specific IT-Projects ?
You want to be prepared best for the upcoming changes ?

Business Analyse helps to solve these Problems – get support by an experienced Business Analyst!

Use Case Diagram drawn in Enterprise Architect

As a prerequisite for the successful implementation of a solution in a project is: One must have the requirements (functional and non-functional) clearly defined.

As part of the business analysis, solutions are developed which enable an enterprise to improve procedures and processes. Examples of such solutions are optimized work processes, organizational changes, implementation in IT-Projects.

Areas in Business Analyses

Requirements Analyses

  • Analyze requirements and their structure (based on processes)
  • Specify requirements (methodology, tool-based documentation: Use Cases, UML)
  • Requirements, interface and data modeling (requirements with graphics / models document).
  • Verify requirements (content and quality check) and validate (check for compliance with the objectives).

Requirements Management & -communication

  • Manage requirements, coordinate and communicate them – all parties (stakeholders) should be involved
  • Prepare requirements for development and implementation
  • Optimize change management

Methods and tools: Gerhard Hausberger is “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” port_cpre(IREB/CPRE) –  for details please see: IREB.

Tool used for analyses, documentation and modeling Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems).

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