You have a “mixed” experience  in projects done using traditional methods (e.g. waterfall)?
You need quick wins/results ?
You need to react quickly on change requests from your customers ?

Agile Methods like Scrum are the solution!

Scrum is one – among others- of the so called agile processes for Software-Development (not only for SW-Development!) and project management. Using an agile method in shorter timeframes significantely more output can be achieved. Scrum is a “lean” project management method – even better: An approach how teams should be managed in the 21st century:

  • simple rules – few roles
  • a couple of simple meetings – communication is ver high on the priority list


    Scrum Life Cycle

  • some key-artifacts with low effort to maintain but provide transparency for all stakeholders
  • be pragmatic instead of strict rules & policies
  • its an iterative approach – just in time – just enough – no compromise on quality!
  • self organizing teams that take responsibility
  • concentrate on high quality work & outcome instead of tons of specification documents
  • Change Requests are welcome: Changes during the development cycle based on new customer requirements are normal. They improve the product!

Agile Transformation

Agile methods can deliver tremendous impact to software development and deployment. Studies show Agile can deliver higher quality, shorter development cycles, improved customer value and lower cost. In complex projects – when changes in the implementation cycle have to be addressed quickly – agile methods like Scrum do have a clear advantage.

Agile transformation done right can indeed provide many benefits to an organization in terms of quality, reduced development times and costs, and improved customer satisfaction. The challenge for a large enterprise often becomes balancing the flexibility, transparency and collaboration needed for Agile while ensuring management oversight across both Agile and traditional teams and projects.


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